Unlock the Thinner & Healthier You (DIY – Basic)

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Unlock the Thinner & Healthier You (DIY – Basic)


Learn how to lose the weight and keep it off!


This is an online do-it-yourself program so you can learn to create healthy habits! In order to lose the weight and keep it off, we must create a healthy lifestyle. Diets and deprivation do NOT work!

Total Value: $950

What You Get:

  • Healthy Journey Journal:  You can use this journal throughout the program to write down your goals, self-love actions, healthy meals, and daily reflections.
  • Easy Weight Loss Guide: Jump start your weight loss with this guide that gives tips on creating healthy habits and managing your mindset.
  • Homework Assignments: Put what you learn into action!
  • Handouts
  • 10 Videos with Jennifer McKee: In pre-recorded videos, Jennifer will guide you through the topics and materials so you can begin creating your healthy lifestyle! There is also a video regarding your transition plan included with this program so you can continue to succeed with your health goals after you have completed this program!

Free Bonuses!

  • Healthy Meal Ideas: This online video course by Jennifer provides delicious, quick and easy meal ideas so you can get healthy without deprivation!
  • Organic and GMO: This online video course by Jennifer provides information about organic food and GMO food so you can make smarter choices for your health.
  • 10 Tips to Deal with Sugar Addiction: This guide provides 10 tips to deal with sugar addiction!
  • 20 Ways to Live a Charmed Life: This guide discusses 20 ways to live a charmed and fulfilling life.
  • Top Ten Weight Loss Tips: This guide provides ten weight loss tips.
Total value of BONUSES is $50 which you will receive for FREE when you register!


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