Unlock Your Emotional Eating (DIY)

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Unlock Your Emotional Eating (DIY)

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Learn how to manage cravings and emotional/binge eating!


This is an online do-it-yourself program so you can learn how to manage emotional and binge eating! In order to lose the weight and keep it off, we must learn how to deal with our emotions without food!

Total Value: $580

What You Get:

  • Emotional Eating Workbook: An 11-page workbook to kick-start your healthier eating habits that also includes a BONUS “Gradual but Great 7 Day Goal Planner”.
  • Food and Mood Journal: To discover the moods that are linked to the foods you eat on a daily basis.
  • Taming your Triggers Workbook:  We’ll discover new ways of auctioning our triggers in a healthier way.
  • Healthy Substitutes Recipe Book: My top recipes for transitioning out of emotional eating.
  • Manage Cravings and Emotional Eating Guide: Learn how to manage your cravings and emotional/binge eating in a healthy way so you don’t sabotage your weight loss efforts.
  • Release Your Restrictions Guide: Understand how to rid yourself of restriction for good!
  • 8 Causes of Cravings: Learn the top 8 causes of cravings.
  • Cravings Chart: This chart will help you learn how to make healthier choices when you get a craving.
  • Mindful Eating Guide: Learn how to eat mindfully so you can enjoy your food.
  • Recommended Products Guide: Jennifer recommends several healthier foods and you won’t believe how good these healthier foods taste!
  • 8 Videos with Jennifer McKee:  In pre-recorded videos, Jennifer will guide you through the topics and materials so you can learn how to manage your emotional/binge eating! There is also a video regarding your transition plan included with this program so you can continue to succeed with your health goals after you have completed this program!

Free Bonuses!

  • Make Space for a Positive Mindset: This guide will help you make space for a positive mindset.
  • Set SMART Goals: This guide will teach you how to create small and attainable goals.
  • Top Ten Weight Loss Tips: This guide provides ten weight loss tips so you can jump start your weight loss.


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