Many people tell me that they know how to eat healthy and exercise, but they just don’t believe in themselves anymore. They don’t believe that they can lose the weight and keep it off for good because they have tried so many ways to do this and nothing has worked.
You’re not alone! This was the story of my life!
One reason we lose belief in ourselves is because we make promises to ourselves that we don’t keep. How many times have you said, “The diet starts Monday!” or “I will start exercising tomorrow”, etc? Imagine if a friend had invited you to dinner. You show up at the agreed upon time and your friend was a no show. The first time you may overlook it and give your friend another change. However, after the second, third, or fourth time of being stood up, you would not trust this person or believe anything this person says.
This is exactly what happens internally when we don’t keep the promises we make to ourselves! We stop trusting ourselves to make the best choices for our health and wellbeing. We stop believing we can do it. Our relationship with ourselves deteriorates.

So what can you do to gain back that belief and trust in yourself?

  1. Tame Your Inner Critic: learn how to tame that harsh critic inside of you that tells you that you aren’t good enough, you are a failure, you can’t do this, or whatever negative remark it is telling you and has been telling you for years. These thoughts are not true!
  2. Make small attainable goals and commit to them! When you commit to these goals, you will hold yourself accountable. Once you start seeing results from your commitment, you will feel empowered and start believing in yourself again. This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect. We are all human and mess up from time to time. When you mess up, reassess your goal and reshape it if you need to. Keep moving forward no matter what! Don’t use messing up as an excuse to quit!

Imagine if you FELT UNSTOPPABLE.

Introducing my new online group guided program called Mindset Reset.
The program is a 3-week program and starts Monday, July 31st, 2017!
This program is your opportunity to say goodbye to self-sabotage and staying stuck. With this program, you will finally be given an opportunity to learn how to make small gradual steps so that you can change your mindset and improve your relationship with yourself. Imagine how amazing it would be to not beat yourself up when you made a mistake. Image how great it would be to not treat yourself badly and say negative things to yourself.
By the end of the program, you will know how to control your inner critic and let go of negativity and instead will be surrounding yourself with positivity and love. You will then be able to move forward with your life so you can achieve your health/weight loss goals.
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